me and my lover where playing cards against humanity. This what she came up for “My mom freaked out when she saw in my browser history.”

SAO was perfectly serviceable until *insert shunning hissing voice.* episode 11.

you all suck (jk)


my friend wants me to listen to creepy pasta w them and i 


I do not want kids. People say “Oh come age x you will.”
No. Never. I do not need a little me running around that’s asking for hell.

Fucking why does the school have the right to fuck up my future. Why is it ok that I can fail my classes for not turning in “review” assignment when I ace the test. Who gives them the right to tell me that I have an issues when I ace every test I take. I should not have to waist my time doing and turning in paperwork I don’t need. I don’t need a comparison to real life in real life I’m fucking being given compensation for my time. What do I get in school? Some facts I won’t remember in a week? There is no learning in school it’s fucking cram information into my head, put it on the test, forget it. It is disgusting you call that an education? You call that learning? This whole system is broken and no one cares, I am regarded as one of the smartest people in my grade. People come to me if they need help with something, and I am failing because I am smart enough not to need to review. It’s bull shit.

I feel gross 78-83% of the time.

Sometimes I go to sleep wishing not to wake up.

Some souls are kind enough to comfort the damned in there darkness.